Introducing MarketingBench 2.0, the First Cross-Channel Marketing Automation Platform

September 30, 2013

Today marks a significant milestone in the continuing evolution of WebbMason: the launch of MarketingBench™ 2.0, a second-generation marketing automation solution for the creation, sourcing, deployment and measurement of integrated marketing programs. As with all of our new services and innovations – from formation of the WebbMason Preferred Partner to the introduction of interactive and social media services – MarketingBench was developed to meet defined customer needs.

In the case of MarketingBench 2.0, that need is filling a void in first-generation marketing automation products from providers such as IBM/Unica, Marketo, Oracle/Eloqua and Teradata/Aprimo: the ability to centrally manage print collateral, promotional products and exhibit support in addition to digital marketing.

Why is this important? Because integrating and managing physical marketing activities and assets with digital marketing is essential to true cross-channel marketing. Digital native competitors are optimized for technology companies that lead almost exclusively with email. Digital marketing is critical, of course, but the majority of other industries have a high proportion of physical marketing assets and activities in their marketing mix, and that is not going to change. MarketingBench 2.0 is truly multi-channel. By automating the integration of physical marketing programs and assets such as direct mail, brochures and point-of-purchase displays, with digital marketing, MarketingBench 2.0 provides complete, unified campaign visibility and control.

Another compelling benefit to WebbMason customers using MarketingBench 2.0 is the ability to seamlessly source all materials and services needed to implement a cross-channel campaign. Need signage, promotional items or a product catalog? We do that. Need a campaign-specific landing page or an entire website redesigned or developed? We do that. No other marketing automation provider does this. We don’t just help you plan. We help you do.

How are customers reacting?  Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, a global workwear company, is a long-time WebbMason customer and an early adopter of MarketingBench 2.0. The company’s brands are available in more than 100 countries through corporate owned stores, specialty shops in retail partner locations, and ecommerce sites such as and Matthew McCartin, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, said that “MarketingBench 2.0 gives us the ability to rapidly customize, deploy, and manage cross-channel marketing campaigns for all distribution channels while maintaining a consistent brand image and controlling costs. WebbMason is a strategic partner and MarketingBench is a game-changer.”

To learn what MarketingBench 2.0 can do for your business, contact us at 410-785 1111,, or by completing this contact form.


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