WebbMason Technology Empowers Clients to Streamline Creative Workflow

Using WebbMason Connect, customers can collaborate more efficiently, manage proofs in a controlled way, approve jobs faster and ensure that correct high-resolution PDFs are print-ready.

HUNT VALLEY, MD—March 21, 2011—WebbMason, a leading marketing solutions company, has launched a secure online proofing and workflow system that enables organizations to manage, proof and expedite marketing projects into automated production — all through a simple web browser.

WebbMason’s clients are relying on the technology, called WebbMason Connect, to streamline creative workflow and gain secure web access for remote job submission and progress tracking. The system enables multiple users in different locations to review high-resolution proofs and collaborate in real time, simultaneously viewing pages, annotating changes and posting comments in a chat feature. Automatic e-mail notifications are sent immediately when specific event-based or user-directed actions are performed.

“Companies need their files to be print-ready, and workflow approval processes to be visible and efficient,” says Warner Mason, CEO of WebbMason. “This technology helps marketers to manage projects with complete transparency. They know exactly where their projects are at every stage, and can be assured that files will be correct and ready for fast production.”

WebbMason Connect uses an integrated, high-resolution PDF workflow to expedite job approval, create accountability and minimize the chance for production errors. Final files can move immediately into production with any chosen vendor. WebbMason Connect preflights files automatically, ensuring that all elements of a PDF are correct prior to production. The system’s audit trail and reporting tools show managers how jobs are submitted, approved and run.

“Marketing leaders have more digital assets than ever — native files, videos, fonts and other important branding elements that must be stored, viewed and managed,” Mason says. “Some of our clients are using WebbMason Connect for its ability to organize and handle all these important assets with simplicity and control.”

WebbMason Connect is one of several technologies WebbMason offers to clients to help them save time and money. This focus was one of several factors that helped the firm record its best-ever sales year in 2010 — $90 million in revenue, up 32% from 2009. The company now operates 20 sales offices (including new ones in St. Louis and Denver) and seven warehousing, distribution and fulfillment locations in the United States. It also has a National Preferred Supplier Network of more than 200 best-in-class supply chain partners, representing about $3.5 billion in annual sales.


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