DocBuilder Tips & Tricks Series: Naming with Purpose

Sara’s Tips and Tricks for WebbMason DocBuilder, third of five entries.

WM DocBuilder allows you to upload files, select the ones you need, and then rearrange them in the order you want them to print using up and down arrows.  However, if you have a large project with a large number of print files, a little extra work on the front-end will save you some time.  Before you upload your files, rename them with a number in the beginning of the file name corresponding to the order in which it should print (i.e. 1_Executive Summary, 2_Contract, 3.1_ExhibitA, 3.2_Exhibit B, etc.).  When the files are added to a new document, it will be super-easy to put them in the right order!

I hope you find the information I’ve shared useful.  If you have any questions related to WebbMason DocBuilder, I’m here to help!  Please email them to

Sara E. Post
Product Marketing Manager


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