DocBuilder Tips & Tricks Series: Keeping it Clear

Sara’s Tips and Tricks for WebbMason DocBuilder, first of five entries.

Everyone agrees WebbMason DocBuilder is one of the coolest new features of MarketingBench™!  Having an on-demand document printing technology at your fingertips saves an expensive trip to the copy shop and keeps you from having to slave over a machine printing handouts for your big presentation.  Even better, WebbMason DocBuilder is saving users like you 30-40% in cost and resources!

Even though WebbMason DocBuilder is super-easy to use, I wanted to share some helpful tips and tricks to enhance your experience.

Some people refer to this as deleting temporary internet files.  Sometimes your browser gets bogged down, and nobody likes that.  To maximize WM DocBuilder’s speed and performance, you should clear your cache frequently.  For an explanation and instructions on how to clear your cache click here.

I hope you find the information I’ve shared useful.  If you have can questions related to WebbMason DocBuilder, I’m here to help!  Please email them to

Sara E. Post
Product Marketing Manager


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