East Coast Hospitality: They Are Open for Business!

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When disaster strikes – natural or not – the media has a tendency of focusing only on the negative. We have seen it happen before (think BP oil spill in 2010). In this circumstance, while there is no doubt the disaster itself set the region back, the media’s focus on editorializing on the problem (instead of simply reporting what solutions were ongoing) caused as much long-term damage to the victims (e.g. the tourism industry) as it did to the culprits.

A more recent example of this is the effect Hurricane Irene had on the east coast. It seems her trail followed some of the ideal vacation sites for an end of summer/beginning of fall trip.

While some of the more famous spots will end up being fine, it is the smaller places that will have to endure the repercussions. For example, in Brandon, Vermont:

Estimates indicate that between 80,000 and 150,000 room nights have been canceled since the flood within 30 minutes of Brandon, according to Brandon select board Chair Richard Baker, who also chairs the Rutland Regional Transportation Council.

Brandon and other east coast cities unaffected by flooding are having to act quickly in order to retain reservations and spread the word that they are “Open for Business!” However, even though these cities weren’t flooded at all, they were still negatively impacted by the blanket media implications that flooding was rampant all over.

The Brandon chamber’s Janet Mondlak said it will be good for local morale to have tourists back in town.

Tourism is really important and now more than ever,” she said. “We’ve lost a few businesses and we’re trying to get up and running again. Fall is going to be beautiful, and luckily, we did not have the incredible damage that other towns did. We’re alive and well in Brandon.

Too often, situations occur where proactive, rapid-response marketing efforts are needed to counter act negative publicity, especially in certain industries that rely on public perception, such as the hospitality industry. Do you have a plan in place that can alleviate concerns to your current and potential customers when incidents occur beyond your control? If not, let us help you make one.


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