Social Marketing and Franchises Are Not Always Friends.

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Contrary to what the hype implies, Social Media is not a magic profit button. Like any marketing campaign, social requires thought, planning, consistency, and strategy. In addition, it also requires speed, wit, and the ability to react and adapt. There are many so-called social media experts who will happily throw your company’s logo up on Twitter or Facebook and call it a day. In some cases, that is enough. Franchises, unfortunately, often require a bit more effort.

Despite the increased activity and budget allocation focused on social media, only a small percentage of franchisors who utilize social media to attract franchise buyers can actually attribute franchise sales directly back to their social media efforts.

The key, according to iFranchise Group executives, is knowing how to best implement and use social media across multiple platforms for multiple audiences, and ensuring that proper policies and monitoring functions are in place.

That bombshell, from a June 20th PR newswire article, sums up the whole problem. When people think of social media, Facebook and Twitter are likely the first – if not only – examples that come to mind. Franchises may find that these two options are not the best choices for their business. Alternative social platforms, like Foursquare, Google Maps, Yelp!, and Urban Spoon may be far more successful, even if they have smaller user bases.

As franchise operators know, getting customers isn’t always the hard part. Recruiting new franchisees can be a much larger challenge, and a week’s worth of Groupon offers isn’t going to do you any good there. PR Newswire provides a few more suggestions for recruiting on social media, but you can see all of our ideas in our next blog.


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