How Facebook Took Over Internet Marketing

Picture it: 1998, the streets are awash with scratched and broken compact discs. They are everywhere. Grocery stores, music stores, drug stores, mailboxes, movie theaters, there is no escape. Your first thought: “Does anyone even use AOL?”

America Online built a massive empire on the backs of those millions of CDs, eventually becoming the squeaky-clean face of the internet for 25 million users. The service’s selling point was condensing the best of the internet into a single browser, so users would not have to sift through the anarchic wasteland of 90’s online culture to get at the content they wanted. Today, Facebook is accomplishing the same thing, with somewhat higher numbers.

A vast network of Likes, Places, Events, Causes, and Messages permeates every level of the online experience (anarchic or not). With a user count passing 700 Million, it is not only a bad idea to avoid the Facebook community, it is likely impossible. Continuing innovations, like real-time marketing, are surpassing anything that has come before, and those are just within Facebook itself.

Off-site, a website can almost immediately increase their web presence by including some simple coding for Like buttons. The phenomenon has transformed simple sub-culture jokes into multi-million dollar companies. There will always be a place for traditional marketing strategies, and the best campaigns are always multi-media, but the future of the internet will be united under a blue-and-white banner.


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