Consistent Branding in Modern Marketing (Part 2)

In our last post, we told you that brand consistency is more important than ever, especially in the modern landscapes of social media and internet marketing. Then, we described in detail what we meant by brand, and consistency. We stressed the difference between a brand and a logo, and the difference between a consistent image, and just using the same colors on every page. Today, we’ll explain a little about why all of this is so important now.

The whole point of brand consistency is to make sure that every time a current or potential customer comes in contact with your company, they are exposed to the same message, feel, and appearance. We hinted at this in the last blog, when we mentioned that a supposedly blue-collar company may appear disingenuous if they are running high-end and low-end ads for the same product. Your customers should always feel that you are being genuine, honest, and appealing.

Having an online presence in today’s market is essentially mandatory. Even the smallest of businesses is usually not taken seriously unless a customer can pull some information about them up online. The key is to make sure that you are the one controlling that presence.

Whether your company investigates the possibilities of social media, or if you just have a simple web site, it is critical that you maintain the same consistency of brand in those channels. Your reputation as a company of the people may be ruined if you have dozens of facebook comments deriding your company without response. Similarly, it may come off as unprofessional for your website to be full of personal comments and blogs from staff members about nothing in particular.

The fact is your customers are going to look your company up online. It is up to you to control what they find when they get there.


Founded in 1989, WebbMason is one of the fastest-growing print and brand management service companies in the United States, helping marketing departments and their internal and external partners save money and streamline processes through a winning combination of industry expertise, exceptional print supply chain partners and technological innovation. Headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, WebbMason has 20 sales offices throughout the United States.


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