Consistent Branding in Modern Marketing

In December, we started discussing possible strategies for helping a brand survive in the tumultuous world of online marketing, and while we have covered parts of this idea since, we are finally ready to return to the topic.

Hold on, don’t rush toward the close button already, this isn’t the same blog on consistency again. It is true that a lot of our writing focuses on Quality Consistent Marketing (because we hope consistently mentioning it will lead readers of this blog to consistently think about it), this post (and subsequent posts) approaches the concept of consistent branding from a different perspective.

A brand, technically speaking , is a message. It is not something as simple as a color scheme, a logo, a slogan, or even a product. For example, the Webb Mason brand can be defined by the brief statement at the top of our web site. On-Demand Marketing Systems by Webb Mason align marketing, fulfillment, production and logistics into a self-service ecosystem that improves brand management, speeds response time and reduces costs. All of our effort goes into maintaining the idea of that brand. This blog, along with our social media channels, work toward that end.

That ties in with the whole consistency thing. It is not as simple as using the same shade of blue on every piece of marketing you put out there. Every time you make a decision, the main question to answer is whether or not the outcome will strengthen your brand. If your brand centers on appealing to the working-class small business owner, you shouldn’t be putting money into advertising in Vogue magazine. Not only will you miss your target audience, but such an association may actually hurt your brand.

In our next installment, we’ll look at how this concept comes into play in the modern marketing landscape.


Founded in 1989, WebbMason is one of the fastest-growing print and brand management service companies in the United States, helping marketing departments and their internal and external partners save money and streamline processes through a winning combination of industry expertise, exceptional print supply chain partners and technological innovation. Headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, WebbMason has 20 sales offices throughout the United States.


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