Top 5 Reasons to Beware of Top 5 Predictions

We won’t lie. This entry was originally going to be a humorous commentary on those inevitable Top 10 lists that we all see at the end of the calendar year, with the point being that lists like this can be beneficial as either best practices or cautionary tales. However, the keystone to the post was going to be our own Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists, but it turns out, the ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City sort of beat us to it.

Instead, we thought we would discuss the exact opposite topic, which are those lists we see at the BEGINNING of every calendar year which offer predictions as to what we will see over the next 365 days. And, we decided to take the exact opposite position, and offer examples of why you should beware of predictions you see for 2011 because of what some people were predicting for 2010:

5. Social Media is Going to be Outdated.

2010 saw Facebook surpass 500 million users. Twitter and LinkedIn are still among the fastest-growing online markets, and it is inconceivable to think of a major company without a social presence. Despite some recent evidence, social media is not going anywhere.

4.  Blogs and Websites are Interchangeable.

For some reason, a few marketing writers last year thought that the late 90’s concept of using a blog as a primary customer contact was a brilliant idea. Don’t get us wrong, blogs are fantastic ways to express complex ideas, philosophies, or strategies to customers and readers alike. However, they should only ever be a small part of a larger social strategy.

We will give you the rest of the countdown at the end of the week.


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