Breaking Through the Online Tedium.

Online advertising requires a certain level of imagination. This ad, promoting a Middle-Eastern telecommunications company, is the perfect embodiment of that idea. The ad is quickly becoming a viral video – a video that is shared online amongst millions of viewers for entertainment. As a result, millions of people are being exposed to a brand that they’ve likely never heard of. What makes this video work? Aside from the impressive visual effects, the video is different.

The internet is a painfully repetitive environment. There are viral videos of people watching viral videos. One of the newest trending blogs is, prepare yourself, a blog about watching a movie about writing a blog about reading a book. As you can see, it takes a lot to stand out online, even amongst your own industry.

Let’s break this ad down a bit.

The first thing you should notice is that the video has almost nothing to do with the advertised service. Without some personal investigation, an American viewer would be hard-pressed to figure out what Batelco even does. The entire virtual trip through imagination is simply a device for the company motto, “Bringing ideas to life.” In this case, the actual content of the ad doesn’t really matter. The visuals are impressive, the concept is heartwarming, and people are going to want to watch the video.

The ad also contains an interactive component accessed through Facebook. The interactivity essentially involves filming oneself watching the ad with a webcam, so that your presumably awe-inspired expression can be shared, thus prompting even more people to watch the original ad.

We are not suggesting that your ad campaign would be better suited by ignoring your brand recognition and composing some absurd YouTube video for over-seas distribution. Just because this video works doesn’t mean they all do. In fact, many companies have received undue backlash when a fabricated viral video is discovered to be less-than-genuine. The lesson to pull from this example is that online marketing is tough to do well. To establish a long-lasting credibility online, a marketer should focus on imaginative, repeatable, and consistent campaigns.


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