Social Networking: A Double-Edged Sword (Part 2)

In our last post, we discussed the importance of walking the line between traditional networking and social media. Today, we’ll continue that discussion by explaining exactly how all of this affects you and your company.

As unpredictable as it is, Facebook isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and so, if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you are opening the door for your competition to trump you. Perhaps more importantly, people are going to talk about your company whether or not you are a part of it. Not all the things they are saying are going to be good things, either. The real key point here is that a business needs to be actively involved in social media, to a point far beyond what would be expected in print. You must establish a presence, you must brace yourself for near-constant public relations, and most importantly, you must maintain brand unity.

We have mentioned before that consistency is key. Be sure that all people charged with updating your Facebook page have the same vision. The face of your company has to look the same from all angles. If you are making a big push toward “green marketing” on your Facebook page, giving out electronic updates instead of paper newsletters, you had better make sure that everyone else in the company knows that. If someone sees one or two snarky comments shared by employees online about that 300-page memo everyone got, your green campaign has just gone up in flames.

So embrace social media. Use it responsibly, build your brand, and maintain its uniformity. Online networking will never replace the real thing, but it is a fantastic method to build those relationships outside of the conference space.


Founded in 1989, WebbMason is one of the fastest-growing print and brand management service companies in the United Stat, helping marketing departments and their internal and external partners save money and streamline processes through a winning combination of industry expertise, exceptional print supply chain partners and technological innovation. Headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, WebbMason has 18 sales offices throughout the United States.


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