The Importance of Utilizing Social Media


What does this number mean when it comes to influencing a group of people? Before we answer that, lets discuss the role that an individual online presence has in reaching prospective clients across a spectrum of industries.

Ten years ago, having a website was considered the ultimate method of promotion via the internet. For better or worse, social media channels have caught up to (and in some industries, eclipsed) traditional websites because of the ability to share customized and promotional information, but also have access to a large number of people and groups that have similar interests and are easily reachable and identifiable.

Take this for example. The average person on Facebook has 130 friends and can write a maximum of 240 characters per post.

130 x 240 = 31,200 characters that are viewed, read, considered and attributed to the author every time they hit that button. Many use this ability to remark on a television show or share thoughts on a restaurant, but a significant percentage have started using the medium to share their perspectives and opinions on concepts related to their business, understanding that they may not attract the interest of EVERYONE they are connected to, but perhaps a certain percentage (especially if they are using social networks to connect to more than just personal friends).

In upcoming posts, we will discuss methods company can use to extrapolate on this concept, but for now, think about what you could convey in 240 characters that would keep a majority of 130 individuals interested.


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