Let Your Sources Suggest the Message

Coming up with the right marketing messages is daunting. What if you get it wrong? Even if you’re a creative person with lots of ideas, you’re still one person (or a small team).

A good place to start is by asking your sources for ideas. Your sources fall into at least two categories: Employees and Customers.

Start with employees. Try surveying or interviewing all employees, even those who don’t normally interact with customers. Ask them how they describe your products to people they know.  What messages do they use that seem to resonate?

Then ask your customers. As a marketer, you have many different ‘customers.’ There are the actual purchasers of your products, but there are also the customer service folks and sales reps whose jobs your work supports. If your company has franchisees, they’re also considered your customers. And they’re some of the best sources of marketing messages.

Your sources spread marketing messages about your products all the time. If you can identify the ones that work, your marketing and branding campaigns will start on surer footing.


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