YOU Are in Control (You’re Print Provider Shouldn’t Be)

We believe the best print providers are creative thinkers and business consultants, not just order-takers. When organizations select a print and marketing services provider, we believe they should be able to measure the impact of their choice. They should receive reports and results that prove they’re more efficient.

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It’s one thing for a vendor to say it will save a customer time and money; we know it’s critical (especially in today’s economic climate) to show it. Sleek ordering systems and print quality are nice; ROI is necessary.

It’s our standard practice to conduct regular account review meetings with all clients. These are scheduled according to each client’s preference (typically semi-annually or annually), enabling the client to maintain the control of the business relationship while reviewing WebbMason on its job performance. During an account review meeting, we will provide empirical evidence of all cost savings achieved during the review period. In addition, we will provide an executive summary, report on our performance versus the goals and objectives the client established, describe any extraordinary customer service efforts made on the client’s behalf and provide any pertinent news about WebbMason’s goals and strategy. The client can take these opportunities to establish or begin new objectives and benchmarks for the next account review period.

Your print provider should measure performance on its ability to provide quality, timely print materials, promotional products, warehouse and distribution services, marketing ideas, products and services, and overall cost savings. Management reports should include details about order history by department/cost center/ship-to locations; inventory/obsolescence, indicating the volume and number each item has sold and remaining on hand; and inventory items manufactured with cost per unit, description of item, date of order, date of delivery to inventory, quantity delivered, quantity ordered, and total inventory value on hand.

At WebbMason, we know we’re not in control. Our clients are. If we’re not helping them succeed, WE can’t succeed!

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