Social Media: What You’re Missing and How to Fix It

What are companies usually missing when jumping into the social media waters?


  1. They’re misunderstanding the commitment. (It requires one.)
  2. They think it’s a switch. (Don’t think of “social media” as a separate marketing category. It should be intertwined into your cross-media approach.)
  3. They’re expectations are unrealistic. (They don’t give it enough time.)

Here are the best ways to fix these mistakes:

  1. Education. Education will help them get the point, but they need to know where to get that education. You can help them.
  2. Understanding the hard work involved will address a lot of the unknowns. We can all relate to what happens with hard work. But there needs to be an emphasis and a complete understanding of how labor intensive social media can be.
  3. You can outsource it, but it’s easier to understand when you don’t, the more you understand, perhaps the more capable you are of knowing what you can and cannot do internally.
  4. It is a switch but when you treat social media as such, others can tell, they see your lack of commitment—they see the half ass effort.
  5. If you don’t try, then what should you expect? I’ve always said, if you give 100%, then no-one can ever say that you didn’t try. You can take it out of the equation. But make sure you’re working smart.
  6. You measure your efforts when you sell, when you advertise, when you hire, when you buy, etc. This is no different. You just need the right tools to measure the right things.
  7. Look up the definition of social media ROI and that will tell you what you should measure with social media.
  8. Create reachable goals.  Teams and coaches create goals–you should be no different. Set up your expectations tied into your goals and give it all a legitimate time frame. But know it is a long term deal.
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